We recognize that administrators, educators, and staff bear the burden of keeping track of their subsidized child care programs.

Not only must your team manage data related to the families you serve, but you may also oversee multiple programs and funding sources. In one comprehensive platform, KinderSystems can help you make provider payments, manage referrals and enrollment, and collect and report on data specific to your agency, state, or the federal government.

Freeing up providers to focus on serving families

The complete solution that supports multiple transactions

With KinderSystems, child care agencies can streamline and simplify a number of administrative tasks. We work with child care providers of all sizes to help them process payments across multiple subsidy programs, track data, and provide accurate, complete reports to local, state, and federal governments.

Our solution not only manages subsidy payments, but includes other features that can help you better support busy families and staff. With KinderSystems, families can electronically upload files and documents that determine their subsidy eligibility – reducing the amount of paper, waiting time, and manual entry. Your organization can also manage student enrollment and waiting lists right from the same KinderSystems platform that calculates your subsidy payments.

Making everyday tasks easier

KinderSystems also helps you better manage everyday tasks. Our time and attendance tracking modules let your families securely and conveniently check their children into your center from any browser or mobile device. Our solution also supports provider-to-family and provider-to-staff electronic communications, allowing you to send important messages and reminders to caregivers when you need to, quickly and easily.

Making everyday tasks easier
Rely on a customer support team with extensive child care subsidy experience

Rely on a customer support team with extensive child care subsidy experience

The strength behind KinderSystems comes from our highly experienced team – the people who work with you to determine what solutions your center needs to best support staff, families, and children. We’re proud to consistently achieve a high client satisfaction rate and strive to make sure our customers get their questions answered quickly and accurately. From enrollment and waiting list management to invoice tracking, subsidy management, and reporting, our customer support team stands ready to address your needs. Should you wish to add staff to KinderSystems or need to train new team members, we offer both in-person and online training options.

Successfully simplify child care management tasks with KinderSystems:

  • Manage payments across multiple subsidy programs
  • Support your private-pay families in addition to subsidized families
  • Benefit from secure, electronic time and attendance tracking
  • Track child care referrals more easily
  • Upload required eligibility documents
  • Facilitate and track staff training
  • Communicate electronically with staff and families, on-demand
  • Simplify data management and reporting to meet compliance

Why choose KinderSystems for your agency?

  • Serve more than 240 child care agencies in California.
  • Manage contracts in 7 states, processing 2 million transactions each week on behalf of state agencies.
  • Support 120 Head Start and Early Head Start agencies.
  • Offer responsive, U.S.-based customer support throughout your contract.
  • Host and maintain our databases in the United States.
  • Employ experts with a strong knowledge of state and federal reporting requirements, with the ability to help agencies adapt to changes in regulations quickly and accurately.
  • Systems built to meet FISMA, NIST 800-53 Rev. 5, and FERPA requirements.
  • Our system undergoes annual security audits (internally and third-party) – ensuring your data stays safe.

We listen and learn from our partners. We work alongside you to help you achieve your unique goals.