KinderSystems understands that each day your child goes without care, your ability to provide for loved ones is impacted.

Research tells us that children who can’t get access to quality child care lose out on critical early learning and development opportunities. We work with child care agencies to make finding, enrolling, and paying for affordable, publicly funded early childhood and after-school programs less burdensome for families.

child care provider tools to support busy families

KinderSystems gives your child care provider tools to support busy families

Finding child care programs in your area that accept state or local subsidy payments isn’t always easy. KinderSystems gives child care providers of all sizes the tools to help you more quickly find Head Start, Early Head Start, and publicly supported before- and after-school programs. Our solution also includes tools that make it easier for you to provide documentation that determines your eligibility for enrollment. At the same time, KinderSystems helps child care programs calculate what funding you’re eligible to receive from your state or local government. By including these features in our solution, our goal is to simplify and streamline a process that can be overwhelming for both agencies and families.

KinderSystems: Making access to publicly funded child care easier

  • Documentation – Sign documents and forms electronically on your own time; when your information changes or you need to add another child, you can do so easily.
  • Daily attendance – Check-in and check-out your children remotely, with your secure smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Payments – Securely make tuition and family fee payments online, eliminating the need to send in checks or cash.
  • Communication – Receive text and email notifications from your child’s teacher or director to get real-time insight into your children’s progress.
  • Applications – Submit applications and all supporting materials through an online, secure portal from any device.
  • Child care referrals – Join eligibility waiting lists, get matched with quality child care providers in your area, and get notified when there’s a match.
  • Student enrollment – Submit your family’s information through a secure online portal – no need to spend time filling out lengthy forms during business hours.

Why do agencies support families with KinderSystems solutions?

  • Serve more than 240 California organizations.
  • Manage contracts in 7 states, processing 2 million transactions each week on behalf of state agencies.
  • Manage subsidies that impact a combined XX families.
  • Support 240 Head Start and Early Head Start agencies.
  • Offer U.S.-based customer support for emergencies.
    Host and maintain our databases in the United States.
  • Employ experts with a strong knowledge of state and federal reporting requirements, with the ability to help agencies adapt to changes in regulations quickly and accurately.
  • Systems built to meet FISMA, NIST 800-53 Rev. 5, and FERPA requirements.
  • Undergo annual testing (internal and third-party) as well as third-party security audits – ensuring your data stays safe.

Specifically designed for child care agencies and the families they serve, KinderSystems offers an integrated suite of solutions that manage subsidy programs and from one core platform.