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Managing child care subsidy programs poses challenges for administrative staff

Managing child care subsidy programs poses challenges for administrative staff.

Not only must you regularly track family and provider data, but you are responsible for responding to changing policies, managing daily attendance records, and reconciling subsidy and child care tuition payments each week. It’s a process that typically involves a lot of paperwork, record-keeping, and data management.

With KinderTrack, you can fulfill these tasks in one secure, streamlined solution, freeing your providers up to focus on the needs of children and their families. You’ll be able to give families a better experience thanks to digital enrollment and eligibility features that allow them to apply for and receive child care more easily.

KinderTrack was built with numerous audit checks to help keep your program compliant. Whether you're managing a number of child care subsidy programs for your region or state, or you are an agency looking to simplify child care subsidy reimbursement, KinderTrack can help you manage it all.

Simplify with a single online solution.

Child care subsidy programs funded by federal or state programs often don’t fully meet the needs of all eligible families. This makes it difficult to ensure eligible families receive adequate financial support, making managing limited resources challenging for agencies.

KinderTrack gives you a bird’s eye view of your child care subsidy program, thanks to powerful features that integrate together and robust built-in reports that give you easy access to the information you need.

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Enrollment, record keeping, & reporting

With KinderTrack, you can collect family, program, and child care provider data in one place. Automatically determine family eligibility for more than one subsidy program, calculate family income information, and record and review family and child case notes in one place.

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Calculate accurate payments

KinderTrack prevents you from overpaying providers and automatically calculates the subsidy payments your families are eligible to receive. Our solution collects reimbursement rates, regional market data, and rates of each provider, ensuring that reimbursements do not exceed your ceiling. Manage provider invoices, payment statements, and other important reports.

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Electronic attendance options

KinderTrack offers numerous child care attendance tracking tools. Conveniently and securely record attendance using KinderSmart, our mobile app installed on families' smartphones, or KinderSign, designed for providers to record attendance digitally.

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Built-in alerts to prevent fraud

Track any changes made by staff members, providers, or family members. You'll never lose this important data, thanks to built-in history tables that include a date and timestamp, the user who made the change, and the reason the change was made. This gives administrators a complete audit trail and prevents inconsistencies and fraudulent activity.

A subsidy management system perfect for state agencies.

Robust enough to manage complex programs

Numerous states and large agencies use KinderTrack to manage child care subsidy programs serving thousands of families that generate tens of thousands of provider payments each month to make their caseload management faster and easier, less staff-intensive, and more affordable than other solutions. Learn more about our state solutions.

Robust enough to manage complex programs
Confidently maintain compliance

Confidently maintain compliance

Free your agency from the costs and inefficiencies borne from manual, siloed processes that require complex technology configurations and drain staff time and energy. Using KinderTrack to manage your data, your administrators won’t need extensive training thanks to built-in automation tools and an intuitive user interface. KinderTrack guides users through attendance collection, rate calculation, and everyday operations. As a result, your agency can manage cases more effectively, reduce clerical errors, and minimize opportunities for fraud and abuse—all while remaining compliant.

Intuitive design backed by our hands-on support

KinderTrack makes overseeing child care subsidy programs simple, thanks to features that help users comfortably navigate their data. Our solution’s clear buttons, appropriate spacing, and tab-driven menus allow staff to collect data or report on their programs easily.

  • Get quick snapshots of family, provider, and payment information and information related to attendance, rate calculation, and other records.
  • Customize your experience by user type and set detailed permissions for all screens and reports.
  • Work with our experienced customer support team to customize KinderTrack to meet your needs, and get guidance along the way.
  • Finally, we’ve future-proofed KinderTrack to integrate with popular third-party child care management systems.
Intuitive design backed by our hands-on support
Convenient digital attendance options

Convenient digital attendance options

Make attendance tracking easier and more convenient with KinderTrack’s tablet and smartphone check-in options.

  • Our KinderSmart mobile app provides additional convenience to families, allowing them to check children in and out with their smartphones.
  • The KinderSign mobile app allows your providers and families to check in children using tablets.
  • For those agencies who prefer to collect paper records,KinderTrack supports manual attendance taking as well.
  • Alerts notify your staff when an action such as family recertification is required. KinderTrack flags events that will require attention and generate these alerts automatically in advance. When alerts are responded to, case managers and supervisors can see which tasks have been completed immediately.

Cloud-hosted & third-party tested

With KinderTrack, you won’t need special device driver configuration and variations, SQL server maintenance, multiple workstation applications, or backups. And you won’t need to additional IT staff to manage or use the solution. Hosted by KinderSystems and accessible from Windows, Apple iOS, and Android browsers, you can conveniently access KinderTrack from your personal computer, phone, or tablet through a secure protocol.

Cloud-hosted & third-party tested

KinderTrack integrates with our other products to provide agencies with a robust experience.

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KinderConnect integrates with several popular child care management systems through a pre-built applications program interface that comes with the solution. Merge student attendance records and seamlessly move subsidy-supported children into one complete system.

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KinderSmart is our mobile attendance tracking that makes it easy for families to check their children in and out of care in seconds from the convenience of their smartphones.

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KinderSign is our tablet attendance tracking product that allows centers to use iPad or Android tablet devices to monitor and record every drop-off and pick-up time and location.

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Although we built KinderTrack for ease of use, it doesn’t mean your staff and child care providers are left on their own to configure, implement, or optimize it for your needs. Our KinderTrack clients can rely on our team of dedicated experts and customer support professionals for answers to your technical questions. We also regularly provide in-person and online training sessions, webinars, and project management services for agencies that need extra support.

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