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Process provider payments and collect child attendance information swiftly, efficiently, and securely.

KinderConnect is a web-based provider portal that saves time spent on everyday administrative tasks while minimizing the possibility of fraud.

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Fully Customizable and Configurable

KinderConnect can be completely tailored to your organization’s particular needs and state regulatory requirements. Administrators can control everything from program access to report generation, attendance submission, printing, and more.

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Fewer Provider Phone Calls

Say goodbye to over-complicated processes, extended wait times, and missing checks. In KinderConnect, providers are able to look up agency payment status by child. As a result, agencies experience far fewer phone calls from providers inquiring about their payments.

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Detailed, On-Demand Reports

Gain access to all the information you need, whenever you need it. KinderConnect’s reports enable agencies to track child attendance and services for all centers in their systems. Authorized timesheets can be printed and signed by parents, guardians, and providers for audit purposes.

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Trusted by Multiple State Agencies

Agencies in states from coast to coast rely on KinderConnect to keep their operations streamlined and work with providers in a straightforward and timely manner. Even where online attendance is impossible or unpermitted, users can download attendance sheets from KinderConnect, thereby saving on monthly printing and mailing costs.

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A one-stop customizable online portal for attendance and payment processing.

Provider payments made easy

Built to eliminate the frustration and unnecessary steps associated with manual provider payment processing, KinderConnect enables agencies to collect attendance information, view reports, and check payment status easily through a single online portal. This enhanced visibility into operations—coupled with fully-customizable features and settings—make life easier for state agencies, providers, parents and guardians alike.

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Bank-Grade Security = Minimal Opportunity for Fraud

KinderConnect is secured behind hardware firewalls and employs the same encryption technology that financial institutions use to ensure the security of their data. Program access is controlled by login rights, allowing providers to see only the children authorized for care at their center. System administrators can review attendance and services for all centers at a glance. By using KinderSign (a connected, tablet-based attendance tracking and authentication app) to verify the presence and identity of each parent or guardian at their facilities, childcare providers mitigate the possibility of fraud and error.

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