Collect and view data in one place

Collect and view data in one place.

If you already use a child care attendance system to track private-pay children, KinderConnect integrates with several popular child care software systems through a pre-built API that comes pre-packaged in the solution. Merge attendance records for all students and seamlessly move subsidy-supported children into KinderConnect, eliminating the need to collect and manage attendance data in two separate systems. KinderConnect also supports KinderSign and KinderSmart, our online tablet and smartphone attendance tracking modules.

A self-service portal designed for child care providers, KinderConnect gives you the ability to:

A one-stop customizable online portal for attendance and payment processing.

Reduce frustration & phone calls

With a portal that gives insights into your entire child care program, you can say goodbye to siloed processes, extended payment wait times, and missing checks. In KinderConnect, providers can look up agency payment status by child or family. As a result, your agency can expect fewer phone calls from providers inquiring about their payments.

A one-stop customizable online portal for attendance and payment processing.
Provider payments made easy with kinderconnect

Provider payments made easy

Built to eliminate the frustration and unnecessary steps associated with manual provider payment processing, KinderConnect allows you to easily collect attendance information, view reports, and check payment status through a single online portal. Your enhanced visibility into operations and fully-customizable features and settings allow you to better serve state agencies, providers, families, and children.

Fully customizable & configurable

We’re able to tailor KinderConnect to your agency’s needs and state regulatory requirements. Your administrators can control everything from program access to report generation, attendance submission, printing, and more.

Fully customizable & configurable
A customizable provider portal that gives you insight

Bank-grade security = reduced fraud

KinderConnect is fully secured. You can control program access with login user credentials, allowing providers only to view information about families and children at their centers. At the same time, your system administrators can review attendance and services for all centers at a glance.

You can further enhance the power of your attendance capabilities by using KinderSign (our tablet-based attendance tracking app) to verify the presence and identity of each parent or guardian at your facilities, helping your child care providers mitigate the possibility of fraud and error.

Trusted by multiple state agencies.

KinderConnect streamlines operations and helps state agencies work with providers more efficiently. Even if child care providers are unable to use electronic attendance programs for a period of time, KinderConnect allows you to download attendance sheets on-demand, saving on monthly printing and mailing costs.


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