CenterTrack can help eliminates gaps and minimize manual errors

Spend less time on busy work and more time caring for children and families.

Whether your center provides services to subsidized or full-fee families, CenterTrack can help eliminates gaps and minimize manual errors, while allowing your team to stay on top of every aspect of case management. Built with smart alerts and tracking features, CenterTrack is hosted by KinderSystems and backed by our responsive customer support team.

Easily automate repetitive tasks with CenterTrack:

Powerful Automation Tools

Take the guesswork out of determining eligibility. CenterTrack automatically determines family eligibility for multiple subsidy programs, calculates parent income information, tracks attendance by center and classroom, tracks absence types,, and rates per child, and more.

Fewer Errors, Better Transparency

Manage your state contract requirements and close reporting gaps instantly. All forms and reports generated in CenterTrack are state-compliant. Get automated alerts in the event of a missing document or when an action such as recertification is required.

Total Classroom Management

Gain insights into your programs and staffing needs by easily generating child rosters by program, center, or classroom. Keep track of school schedules and vacations. Monitor staff and child ratios or zoom in to view individual child data and special needs requirements.

Effortlessly invoice families online with ParentPortal by KinderSystems

Effortlessly invoice families online with ParentPortal by KinderSystems

ParentPortal allows CenterTrack agencies to invoice families online. Families can create an account, receive and review invoices for family fees and tuition, and pay those invoices online, using account debits or credit cards. The payment system is password-protected and secure. Families can pay one invoice at a time or set up the system to pay the bills automatically monthly. Funds are deposited directly into the agency’s bank account. In addition, the system generates paper-based documents that families can download, like invoices, statements, and end-of-year reports, like tax summaries.

With ParentPortal, agencies will no longer need to:

  • Mail paper documents, including invoices, to families, saving on postage, printing, and handling.
  • Manually enter tuition or fee receipts into CenterTrack once payments are received.

Streamline operations and stay subsidy compliant.

Smart enrollment & invoicing

CenterTrack makes enrollment easy, allowing you to use its automation tools to accomplish multiple tasks.

  • Enter basic family demographics and children’s information.
  • Automatically populate forms with demographic information.
  • Instantly determine family eligibility for multiple subsidy programs.
  • Easily calculate full- and part-time and family fees.
  • Create notices (in English, Spanish, Korean, or Mandarin).

CenterTrack’s payment modules take the frustration out of accounting. You can easily pay subcontracting providers, track provider rates, calculate payments, create statements, and generate exportable reports for transfer to external accounting systems.

CenterTrack makes enrollment easy, allowing you to use its automation tools to accomplish multiple tasks.
Detailed tracking & forms management

Detailed tracking & forms management

Get detailed and accurate reports with CenterTrack’s attendance tracking capabilities.

  • Generate sign-in and sign-out sheets for every classroom or center.
  • Load and view monthly or weekly attendance sheets for each center, program, or class.
  • Edit attendance by child, day, or month.
  • Print reports on-demand for monthly and annual filing.

CenterTrack records all information and account transactions, allowing you to view, reprint, or report historical data for audit purposes. CenterTrack’s search features further give you the capability to search for records by family, parent, or child. Choose the data fields and parameters from which you want to pull information or create advanced reports quickly.

Engineered for speed & ease of use

Complete and file state-required reports and quickly generate attendance sheets, financial reports, meal benefit forms, and other reports. CenterTrack was designed to be intuitive, and includes well-defined fields, buttons, and a directory tree menu to help guide your staff.

CenterTrack was designed to be intuitive, and includes well-defined fields
Fully secured & accessible CenterTrack

Fully secured & accessible anywhere

You can easily access CenterTrack by logging into our secure website. There’s no desktop software to maintain or update, allowing your child care administrators, case managers, enrollment specialists, teachers, and office staff to view consistent information in the same program. Permission-based program access allows your directors to manage multiple locations and classrooms with ease, and oversee user roles and access privileges.

Not technologically inclined? No problem.

As with all of our solutions, you can rely on our team of customer support specialists to guide you and answer questions. As policies and regulations change, we respond with software updates, ready to help you with policy and technical issues.

Your CenterTrack solution is hosted in the cloud and supported by bank-grade security.

CenterTrack solution

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