Manage and distribute child care subsidies from different sources

Manage and distribute child care subsidies from different sources

Whether you’re charged with managing several subsidized child care programs or just one, KinderSystems can automate several functions that help you determine family eligibility, process enrollment, and get accurate reimbursements from state and federal programs. In one platform, your staff can:

  • Manage child care subsidy cases.
  • Determine eligibility for families and children.
  • Manage provider records.
  • Assign children to providers.
  • Manage multiple funding sources.
  • Distribute accurate subsidies from multiple government programs in a single platform.
  • Manage California Alternative Payment programs.
  • Manage center-based programs.

The right platform backed by experienced support staff

KinderSystems works with you to identify the best platform to manage your program.

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COPA by KinderSystems helps Head Start and Early Head Start agencies manage subsidies, child attendance, caseloads, communication, and more in one solution. COPA by KinderSystems comes pre-loaded with assessment tools for children, families, and staff – helping your team stay organized and compliant.

CARE by KinderSystems

Specifically designed for California center-based, Alternative Payment, and tuition programs, CARE by KinderSystems’ FamilyPortal and ProviderPortal help you effectively manage all of your child care subsidy and private-pay child care programs in a single integrated platform, backed by advanced technology.

CenterTrack logo

Tailored to support large institutional providers, CenterTrack helps you serve children in publicly funded and private programs. A cloud-based, fully-secure solution, CenterTrack helps child care professionals streamline and automate repetitive, labor-intensive reporting, data collection, and invoicing tasks.


Designed for statewide agencies, KinderTrack manages workflow processes, determines eligibility, and assigns care schedules to providers based on funding sources and family needs. Automatically calculate payments based on schedules, rates, and attendance. Issue and track payments, and perform your required state and federal reporting with ease.

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KinderWait eliminates delays with hassle-free waitlists, allowing families to submit applications online and automatically determines eligibility — all from within a single web-based platform.

Kindersystems built and supported by industry experts, our flexible, user-friendly solutions

Save time and improve outcomes

Built and supported by industry experts, our flexible, user-friendly solutions streamline your operations, save you money, and improve child care outcomes. With features including attendance tracking, simple payments, automated reporting, and more, KinderSystems’ suite of solutions takes the complexity and busy work out of your day. Discover solutions for:

Why trust KinderSystems with child care subsidy management?

Our platforms and team of industry experts help automate your workflow and stay subsidy-compliant — so you can spend more time making a difference in the lives of the children and families you serve.

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We host and maintain our databases in the United States so you can easily track and manage your payments across multiple subsidy programs.

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All KinderSystems solutions are built to meet HIPAA, FISMA, NIST 800-53 Rev. 5, and FERPA requirements, undergoing annual internal and third-party testing and third-party security audits, ensuring your data stays safe.

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Our solutions and expert team are equipped to interpret federal and state reporting requirements, with the ability to adapt quickly and accurately to changes in regulations.

We believe in listening to our customers. We don't sell you a software solution – we partner with you and stand ready to help you achieve your goals.

We'll work with you to configure the solution that best meets your needs.


Specifically designed for child care agencies, KinderSystems offers an integrated suite of solutions that helps stakeholders manage child care programs from one core platform. Explore more solutions:

head start icon

Head Start Data Management

Stay compliant with performance standards and local regulations, manage eligibility and enrollment, coordinate services, monitor progress.

payment processing icon

Payment Calculation & Issuance

Calculate provider reimbursements and payments accurately and consistently.

waitlist management icon


Benefit from fraud detection and detection tools that use predictive analytics to find patterns of behavior that are outliers to the norm.

attendance tracking icon


Offer secure, contactless digital check-in and check-out via tablets or smartphones, making it more convenient for families and staff.

smart enrollment icon


Allow families to conveniently apply for child care online and submit their documentation securely.

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Wait List Management

Manage family inquiries, subsidy eligibility, wait lists, and match families to available funding sources.

audits reporting icon

Audits &

Track data and create reports for your state or the federal government, including attendance, provider payment information, rosters, and more.

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& Referral

Match families with child care providers, access online referrals at any time, and make the enrollment process more efficient and user-friendly.

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Family Fee

Invoice families for fees and tuition, deduct fees from provider payment, and generate paper-based documents.

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Child Care Center Management

Manage all of the details of your child care program – including family and provider data, tuition calculation, invoicing, funding sources, and more.