We believe all children deserve quality child care programs that promote health and school readiness. That’s why we’re proud to support Head Start, Early Head Start, and other federally funded early childhood programs designed to empower young children and their families.

kindersystems supports a growing early childhood population

Support a growing early childhood population

Public funding for early child care continues to grow. In FY 2021, the federal government allocated $58.4 billion for annual Child Care and Development Block Grants and child-focused pandemic funding. Another $10.8 billion was allocated for Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Each of these programs must be managed well to fulfill a number of federal requirements.

From processing applications and assessments, to managing enrollment and tracking daily attendance, agencies spend a lot of time collecting data to meet compliance requirements.

Streamline your Head Start enrollment processes

Our staff has a deep understanding of Head Start Performance Standards – some of our leadership have decades of experience in the field – and work closely with agencies and providers from onboarding through implementation.

Streamline your Head Start enrollment processes

COPA by KinderSystems: Tailored for Head Start

For more than 30 years, COPA by KinderSystems has helped Head Start, Early Head Start, family child care, state-funded Pre-K, and Community Action Programs with the tools to use data to monitor progress in achieving program goals, compliance with the Head Start Performance Standards, and effectiveness in promoting school readiness.

Our platform supports the management of multiple funding sources and provides role-based permissions that empower staff, providers, and families. In October 2021, COPA joined KinderSystems.

  • Electronically track child attendance across programs.
  • Easily transfer children between agencies, sites, and classrooms; as well as funding sources.
  • Securely access files and documents online with eDocs digital library.
  • Manage human resources and professional development, including assessments and staff development.
  • Run more than 200 built-in reports, including the required PIR and CSBG reports for Head Start and Community Action programs.
  • Train staff online with video tutorials and manuals.
  • Manage locally designed Pre-K, state-funded, and federally funded programs and filter reports by grant type or funding source for blended agencies, sites, or classrooms.
  • Search for transactions by date range, category, provider, child, family, or other criteria.
  • Register for live online classes
  • Upload YouTube videos to classroom dashboard
  • Share individual child reports, announcements, or lesson plans with parents.
  • Complete training and self-assessment surveys.
  • Save time with digital sign-in and sign-out electronic attendance options.
  • Submit applications online through the ParentPortal.
  • Upload supporting documents used to determine eligibility.
  • Securely access files and reports.
  • Receive email and text notifications from staff.
  • Get real-time insights into their children’s progress.

Why COPA by KinderSystems?

  • Currently serves more than 120 Head Start/Early Head Start agencies in 29 states and Puerto Rico.
  • Includes experienced, responsive customer support and online classes.
  • Designed around current PIR reporting and federal requirements.
  • Created with Head Start Performance Standards and Head Start industry standards in mind.
  • Offers U.S.-based customer support. Our representatives span four time zones and most calls are answered in less than a minute.
  • Accessible from any browser on any device.
  • Systems and databases hosted by us, in the United States.
  • Meet FISMA, HIPAA, NIST 800-53 Rev. 5, and FERPA requirements.
  • Our system undergoes annual security audits (internally and third-party) – ensuring your data stays safe.

The COPA by KinderSystems platform provides leadership, staff, and educators with the solutions they need to support a successful Head Start experience.

Specifically designed for Head Start and Early Head Start, COPA by KinderSystems offers a complete Head Start data management solution in one platform.

COPA by KinderSystems is our comprehensive Head Start management tool that allows your program to remain compliant with Performance Standards and local regulations. Each solution comes pre-loaded with assessment tools for children (ASQ-3™, ASQ:SE™), families (PFCE Engagement Outcomes), and staff (Skills Profile for Center Leaders and Classroom Staff).

Head Start Programs

KinderSystems Supports Head Start programs with special features:

Eligibility and enrollment icon

Eligibility and Enrollment

  • Support eligibility determination for different program models, program options, and funders.
  • Streamline document collection procedures.
  • Manage waiting lists and enrollment.

submit application icon

Parent Portal Online Application

  • Allow families to apply for services and submit documents securely online for their children.
  • Facilitate family intake assessments.
  • Send notifications to families or staff.
  • Securely share documents with families and staff.

impact icon

Attendance and Meal Count

  • Track eligibility, daily attendance, and meal service records to meet requirements for CACFP and USDA reimbursements.

wait list icon

Case Management Support

  • Track health outcomes.
  • Coordinate disability services.
  • Conduct new student screenings.
  • Manage Family Partnership Agreement.
  • Manage Community Action programming.

reports icon

Ongoing Monitoring

  • Choose from more than 200 pre-created and customizable reports to monitor progress.
  • Monitor progress toward contractual outcomes, self-assessment goals, and annual reporting requirements (PIR, CSBG).
  • Conveniently track due dates for children and families.
  • Easily export all data to Excel and text files.

listen icon

Professional Development

  • Manage virtual and in-person trainings for staff and program volunteers.
  • Set up trainings and organize training materials.
  • Collect registrations and manage certificates of completion.

service icon

Volunteer and In-Kind

  • Track donations of goods and services by type
  • Convert donations to dollar amounts

pir reporting icon

Online Document Storage

  • Create an electronic file for each child, family, and staff member.
  • Create files for classrooms, sites, and agencies.
  • Share internal document templates.

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