kindersystems built to address your pain points

Built to address your pain points

We understand that California contractors are being stretched to their limits as a result of the ever-changing regulations that continue to be imposed on them. We know your number one priority is to ensure that families have access to affordable, high-quality care – while also ensuring that you’re maintaining compliance with funding and reporting requirements.

To achieve that goal, you need affordable, quality software and experienced, responsive staff ready to assist you. CARE by KinderSystems is a standalone software system that allows you to automate manual workflows, allowing for customized workflows and maximum efficiency.

CARE by KinderSystems manages the following for California agencies:

  • Parent billing
  • Provider payments
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Child attendance
  • Provider referrals
  • Case management
  • Compliance with state requirements
  • Maintain data integrity

Simplify enrollment and collect payments securely with FamilyPortal

Without an online solution, families struggle to find time to complete the subsidized child care certification and enrollment process. The paperwork involved is significant, and it can be difficult for families to attend in-person meetings while juggling the demands of family life and work. Agencies face steep print and mailing costs associated with paper file maintenance.

CARE by KinderSystems’ FamilyPortal streamlines enrollment, reduces administrative overhead, and provides convenience to families and agencies.

FamilyPortal lets families easily:

  • Make tuition and family fee payments online
  • Complete certification and enrollment documents electronically
  • Update personal information
  • Access provider information online
Simplify enrollment and collect payments securely with FamilyPortal
Get families matched quickly with Resource & Referral

Get families matched quickly with Resource & Referral

California is experiencing a child care crisis, making finding affordable, high-quality child care even more of a challenge. With Resource & Referral, you can help match families seeking child care with appropriate child care providers. They can conveniently access online referrals directly from an agency’s website, at any time.

Resource & Referral allows families to:

  • Search and find providers
  • Request referrals online
  • Access online referrals at any time
  • Get matched with providers in their area

Resource & Referral helps agencies:

  • Facilitate the process of matching families with child care providers
  • Track provider trainings and professional growth activities
  • Make the enrollment process more efficient and user-friendly

Increase agency efficiency & gain insights with ProviderPortal

Without an online solution, your providers must rely on snail mail or in-person delivery to send and receive enrollment documents and attendance records. Because team members are caring for children during business hours, they’re unable to attend to administrative tasks during the day. With ProviderPortal, your child care providers can streamline their administrative processes, reduce print and mail costs, and maximize efficiency and convenience.

With ProviderPortal by KinderSystems, providers can:

  • Send and receive documents electronically
  • Download attendance sheets
  • Update Resource & Referral information online
  • Get payment status updates
  • Reduce the costs of mailing and printing
Increase agency efficiency & gain insights with ProviderPortal

Why KinderSystems?

CARE by KinderSystems offers more than a software platform. We’re known for superior customer support as an industry leader in subsidized child care solutions.

  • We’ve been doing business in California for over 30 years.
  • Our team members serve as subject matter experts in California child care subsidy; many come from the field.
  • Our security standards are unmatched. Protecting the personal information of the children and family you server is our highest priority.

CARE by KinderSystems has the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of California agencies. We realize one size doesn't fit all and work closely with our customers. We don't sell you a solution – we partner with you and stand ready to help you achieve your goals.