We're proud to provide an entire suite of child care solutions built specifically for California agencies and providers.

Our comprehensive California product offering, CARE by KinderSystems, backed by the highest security measures, can help you securely and efficiently manage child care resources and referrals, enroll families, track attendance, process provider payments, and more. KinderSystems’ responsive development and support teams keep our customers up to date and compliant with California state reporting requirements necessary to maintain their contracts.

KinderSystems’ California solutions are user-friendly and feature rich. When paired with our fully integrated suite of add-on modules built specifically for California, customers can be confident they’re getting one of the most comprehensive products available in the market.

Meet the needs of agencies, providers, and families

Meet the needs of agencies, providers, and families

Access to quality child care plays a critical role in California’s workforce. Child care providers, many already struggling before COVID, continue to have difficulty finding and retaining staff. That makes finding and paying for child care difficult for California families. KinderSystems can help agencies, providers, and families bridge the gap.

With KinderSystems, California agencies can benefit from flexible, customizable solutions that meet their unique needs and integrate with the systems they already use to manage subsidies and human services contracts.

Evolving to better serve a wide range of California agencies

Since the 1990s, our leadership team has worked closely with California agencies, school districts, and child care organizations under the NOHO Software, Controltec, and KinderSystems names. Founded in San Diego, Controltec partnered with industry leaders to design the original KinderTrack solution, now used nationwide. NOHO partnered with the Child Care Resource Center in Los Angeles to develop the original CARE solution, now used by more than 140 customers in California. Today, the companies have become one, making KinderSystems the industry leader in California subsidized child care software.

california child care solutions

We continue to help administrators, providers, and families manage state subsidies and meet California regulatory requirements through an integrated platform that:

  • Provides a cost-effective, secure solution for center-based, alternative payment, and full-cost programs.
  • Determines family eligibility.
  • Provides resources and referrals for providers and families.
  • Captures enrollment documentation electronically.
  • Collects time and attendance records through contactless sign-in.
  • Accurately and securely makes provider payments.
  • Facilitates state reporting requirements.
  • Allows families 24/7 access to their records and information.

Why trust KinderSystems for child care subsidy management?

Our reliable software and team of industry experts help automate your workflow and stay subsidy-compliant — so you can spend more time making a difference in the lives of the children and families you serve.

  • Currently serve more than 240 California organizations.
  • Have decades of experience working in California. Our staff understands California because we’ve led and worked with numerous organizations.
  • Offer responsive, U.S.-based customer support throughout your contract.
  • Manage subsidies in the largest district in the state and the second largest district in the United States – Los Angeles Unified School District.
  • Equipped with a strong understanding of California reporting requirements, with the ability to quickly and accurately adapt to regulatory changes.
  • Host and maintain databases in the United States.
  • Systems built to meet FISMA, NIST 800-53 Rev. 5, and FERPA requirements.
  • Our system undergoes annual security audits (internally and third-party) – ensuring your data stays safe.

Most of all, we believe in listening to our customers. We don't sell you a solution – we partner with you and stand ready to help you achieve your goals.

We'll work with you to configure the solution that best meets your needs.

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A comprehensive solution for California child care subsidy agencies
A comprehensive solution for California child care subsidy agencies

Explore KinderSystems solutions for California agencies.

Manage all of your funding sources from a comprehensive platform backed by advanced technology and run comprehensive reports aligned to California requirements.

subsidy management icon

Child Care Center Subsidy Management & Compliance

  • Manage California Alternative Payment programs or center-based programs.

payment processing icon

Payment Invoicing & Processing 

  • Calculate provider reimbursement and payments accurately and consistently.
  • Payments are calculated based on schedules, actual attendance, special needs, provider rates, regional market rates, and any other specific local regulations.

attendance tracking icon


  • Offer secure check-in and check-out via tablets or smart phones, offering convenience to staff and families.

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Online Eligibility
& Enrollment

  • Conveniently apply for child care online.
  • Submit eligibility documents securely.
  • Wait List Management – Benefit from centralized eligibility and wait list handling.

audits reporting icon

Audits &

  • Accurately track data for your state or the federal government.
  • Run reports targeting attendance, provider payments, and more.

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Child Care Center

  • Collect family and provider data, payment calculation information, funding sources, and more.

waitlist management icon

Wait List

  • Benefit from centralized eligibility and wait list handling.
  • Reduce enrollment delays, manage family inquiries and subsidy eligibility