KinderSystems is proud to provide an entire suite of childcare software products to agencies and providers in California.

If you are currently a California-based KinderSystems client and are using CenterTrack, KinderTrack, KinderWait, or KinderSign and have a question, our Support Department is ready to help. Please contact our team at 1-800-991-6120 ext 116 for assistance. You can also email the support team at

Looking to add another product, or request additional training or added services? Please call our sales department at 800-991-6120 ext 118, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Helpful Links

EveryChildCalifornia is a member organization for state-compliant funded childcare programs. For over 75 years, the organization has been providing and developing leadership and education opportunities that support publicly funded early care and education programs for children from birth to 13 and their families. Become a member today!
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California Alternative Payment Program Association is a member organization open to agencies and centers and individuals. If you are an agency or center contracted by state compliant to provide child care services, then CAPPA is for you. Individuals, as well as agencies and Centers can benefit from CAPPA. Lend your voice to CAPPA’s advocacy and get first-hand information about the state of child care issues in California.
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Monarch Link provides an e-learning platform for agencies on the regulations and management of child care programs. In partnership with EveryChildCA, Monarch Link agencies can benefit from the many trainings offered.

If you are using CenterTrack for the management of your childcare program, and would like to enrich your team’s knowledge on the CDE processes, and regulatory paperwork, contact Monarch Link today.

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