Is My Organization Secure? Identifying Security Risks in Subsidy Management

Every. Dollar. Matters. That’s a sentiment that rings particularly true in the world of subsidized child care. State agencies and contractors already have a wide range of challenges to consider when it comes to managing subsidies—from staffing shortages to a budget that’s regularly expanding and contracting. Amidst the sea of challenges already facing contractors, security […]

Modernizing Subsidy Management Pays Dividends in the Long Run

With state governments regularly shifting policies, regulations, budgets, and priorities, early child care contractors need to have total control over their subsidy management processes to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Even as budgets are set to see an increase, agencies need total confidence to know that every dollar is accurately accounted for and used […]

KinderSystems joins with NoHo Software

KinderSystems merges with NoHo Software

Today we announced that KinderSystems has merged with one of California’s largest subsidized child care software providers, NoHo Software. I am extremely excited about this important step for our combined company and for our customers in both the state of California and the rest of the United States. Similar Histories The origins of both Controltec […]

Why We Are Changing Our Company Name – Controltec Becomes KinderSystems

ControlTec to KinderSystems

Today is a big day for our team. After 25+ years of being known as Controltec, the company is taking on a new name – KinderSystems. We are the same company that we were yesterday, but now we have a new name. But First a Little History To understand how we got to where we […]