Norbert Haupt

Executive Chairman/Founder

Norbert Haupt is the founder of KinderSystems.

Besides providing product vision and technical direction to the company, Norbert works primarily in business development, defining and delivering systems for child care subsidy programs. He is a nationally recognized industry expert on topics related to child care center management, subsidy administration and child care fraud detection and prevention.

Under Norbert’s leadership, KinderSystems has established itself as one of the premier companies serving child care subsidy administration, with systems installed in many states and local agencies.

Why KinderSystems?

KinderSystems is an exciting place to work. The team spirit is strong, everyone is dedicated to the outcome and to our customers. People intuitively know when to put in the extra effort. Everyone is committed to quality and proud of their work.

Favorite part of the job?

I often tell young people that ask for career advice to choose something they like to do. After more than 25 years at KinderSystems, I really haven’t had to “work.” Every day is different, every day brings new challenges and new opportunities. The creative aspect of my job keeps me motivated and enthusiastic.

Outside the office?

I try to read at least an hour every day, alternating between technical, science, and cosmology books in the non-fiction area, and classics as well as lots of science fiction and especially time travel stories on the fiction side. I review every book I read. I am also an oil painter, but I don’t get to do nearly enough of that. When I have time, I hike and climb, preferably tough mountains.

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