How long has KinderSystems been providing software solutions for the childcare industry?

Since 1999 KinderSystems has been a leader in the field of child care subsidy management. Over the years, hundreds of programs have relied on us to provide services to thousands of child care providers, serving millions of children across the United States. All of KinderSystems’s staff are dedicated to childcare solutions, the systems development, as well as supporting our clients.

Which products can be utilized to implement a statewide solution?

All our products are scalable and can be customized to meet the needs of an entire state. Currently, KinderConect, KinderSign, KinderTrack and KinderWait are our most popular solutions for state government programs who operate statewide subsidy operations. Features and capabilities of each product can be customized and interfaced with existing systems, have provider facing capabilities, include portals for reports and forms, as well as attendance tracking and submission.

Are all of the flexible software solutions offered web based?

Yes, each of our products are completely web based and are best operated on browsers that are used by at least 5% of the population. Each of our products can be used on PCs, Mac Computers, smart phones, iPads and android tablets.

Does KinderSystems host my website or does my agency have to pay for this?

KinderSystems hosts its sites and systems on secure servers in commercial datacenters with backup of all components and redundancy built into the architecture. KinderSystems maintains all hosted systems using the NIST security framework.

Is there a minimum requirement for your app-based solutions?

KinderSystems apps run on any device that runs Android OS 5.0 or higher, or Apple iOS 9.0 or higher. The apps also require your device be able to connect to Wi-Fi and have a rear facing camera.

What kind of support is available for your products?

KinderSystems offers dedicated live phone support during business hours.

Do you offer training on how to use your products?

We offer an extensive training process for all sized agencies and programs. Online or onsite trainings are scheduled according to individual needs of child care providers. We offer refresher training, and webinars to ensure your team is kept up to date on the latest version of the software.

State level projects include extensive training which also includes webinars, QRC, training videos and training manuals which are all customized to meet  project compliance and requirements

What is the cost for the software products?

Each of our products is scalable and affordable for any sized program, agency or statewide project. Many of our products can be used separately or interfaced with each other to provide the perfect flexible software solution. Child care programs with as few as 40 children to several hundred can benefit by using our products which easily fit into any budget. KinderSystems responds to large state projects through an RFP process.