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COPA is offering a suite of services to help Head Start agencies with Recruitment during a particularly challenging time.

Our aim is to provide solutions for parents, staff, and educators to stay organized and productive while working remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Enrollment & Attendance

Streamlined enrollment, eligibility waiting list, class assignment and attendance tracking.

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Universal Application

Centralized intake process for multiple programs, sites and services, with one data entry point.

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More than built-in 200 reports, including PIR and CSBG, with capability to create custom reports.

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Customizable assessment platform for children, families and professional staff.

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COPA clients include city and state governments, State Preschool (Pre-K), Head Start, Early Head Start, Child Care Partnerships, and Community Action Programs. We also serve publicly funded initiatives, and non-profit organizations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Early Childhood Education

Child and family outcomes, assessments, data management and reporting in a single solution.

COPA is the top data management software for early childhood education initiatives. We serve agencies offering programs like Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant & Seasonal Head Start, as well as providers of Private Child Care, State Pre-K and locally designed programs. Our tools help agencies track multiple programs and funding sources.

Clients use COPA to manage enrollment and attendance, monitor assessments, and generate automated reports. For Head Start and Early Head Start programs, COPA automatically calculates unduplicated results for the PIR

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Community Action Programs

Track and report outcomes for multiple funded programs with one software solution.

With COPA you’ll be able to capture, manage and analyze data for any number of community programs. For example, agencies offering Weatherization, LIHEAP, Food and Housing Assistance, and Employment Assistance, services can manage data for all their programs in one database.
In addition, more than 200 built-in reports are available in COPA. These include custom designed SMART reports and automatic data mapping for CSBG reporting. This means you’ll always know whether you’re in compliance with grant requirements.

State Preschool (Pre-K)

Connect data and monitor program outcomes across state preschools.

COPA gives you several of ways to manage data for State Preschool and Universal Pre-K providers. In addition to connecting data, COPA delivers powerful tools to manage enrollment, attendance, meal service, fees, and much more.

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